Amando sobre o mar on classical guitar

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Amando Sobre O Mar


The piece “Amando Sobre O Mar” made Zequinha de Abreu a famous Brazilian composer whose pieces are very beautiful construction.

Amando Sobre O Mar to English “Loving on the Sea” is a piece of waltz and pretty much made for piano,  but it is the more popular guitar tuning because performance of the richer and more emotionally with the guitars played.

In this piece with my performance, You hear that I hope to be savory


zequinha de abreu

zequinha de abreu



لینک دانلود قطعه ی “Amando Sobre O Mar” با لینک مستقیم نواخته شده توسط خشایار


لینک دانلود و شنیدن قطعه ی “Amando Sobre O Mar” در soundcloud نواخته شده توسط خشایار


Amando sobre o Mar (Valsa) (Loving on the Sea

Composer: Zequinha de Abreu

Played by Xashayar on classical guitar

José Gomes de Abreu, better known as Zequinha de Abreu (September 19, 1880 – January 22, 1935) was a Brazilian musician and composer.

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